3 Attention Grabbing Copy Tips

The trick to writing a sales page, an article, or anything else is to hook your reader’s attention immediately. Of course you have to keep their attention too but that’s easier once you already have it. Here are three attention grabbing copy tips to get your readers’ attention.

1. Create compelling headlines. Newspapers know this, advertisers know this and so do you. What about a headline makes people want to read more? Several things actually:

  • A promise – Double Your Traffic In 5 Days-Guaranteed.
  • Make it newsworthy or cutting edge – New Marketing Program Guarantees Fast, Targeted Traffic.
  • Ask a question – Do You Need More Website Traffic?
  • Offer a benefit full of emotion – You’re Going To Absolutely Love Your New Loyal Followers-Guaranteed.
  • Appeal to their self interest – Know The Secret To Getting Repeat Sales?
  • Offer value – 3 Easy Steps To Getting Repeat Sales.
  • Use strong verbs and powerful words – Compare these two headlines:
    • Get More Sales With Our Program.
    • Watch Sales Skyrocket With Innovative Marketing Strategies.

2. Place the most compelling copy above the fold. When you look at a website, or anything written, the fold is the point at which you need to start scrolling down. This means that anything above the fold is what you see immediately. If your best points are below the fold, most people won’t see it. You must make sure that your most compelling copy, your headline and your first paragraph, are immediately viewable. Be sure you keep differing screen sizes in mind. Write for the smaller sized screens and “higher” folds.

3. Make your copy scannable and easy to read. There’s an old joke about what people read on the web. The joke is – they don’t. What people do is scan. They spend about 20 seconds evaluating your web page, if it isn’t easy to read they’re gone. If you want to grab your reader’s attention immediately – make your copy easy to read. Use bold lettering for words that you want to stand out. Space the copy well so that it is easy to read. Use bullets and numbers to list benefits or steps.

There are many expert tricks of the trade but these 3 attention grabbing copy tips will take you far. Make your headline strong and compelling, keep your strongest copy above the fold and make sure your copy is easy to scan. You’ll have visitors that are more than happy to spend time reading your web content and purchasing your products.

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